A sudden shift to the IT-sector

Before graduating from the University of applied Sciences in Hagenberg as a Bachelor of Science and before passing my final examination at the HTL Leonding I did an apprenticeship as a welder.

Afterwards I gained technical experience through construction projects in Austria and Germany. During my second apprenticeship as a chemistry technologist in the Chemie Linz I discovered my enthusiasm for computing and turned it into a career.

In the course of my education in Hagenberg I had the chance to complete a placement at the company “client4you” in Linz. There I also obtained skills in the following fields: ABAP, SapScript, Smartforms, PrintWorkBench, VB Script, VBA.

At the end of 2007 I founded my own company Scoutput.com.

As a balance to my work and to remain fit and dynamic I do jogging and karate at one of the most famous clubs in Linz. 

Michael Grad introduces himself:

  • born in 1971 and living in Linz, Austria
  • bachelor of science – university of applied sciences in Hagenberg
  • HTL (upper secondary technical college) for informatics and software engineering in Leonding
  • apprenticeship as a chemistry technologist (DSM Fine Chemicals Austria), apprenticeship as a welder (Voest Alpine Linz)

Here you can find us:

scoutput e.U.
Raffelstettner Straße 20b ° A-4030 Linz
Phone: +43 664 41 52 219 ° E-Mail: michael.grad@scoutput.com